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Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding

There are so many things to think about and plan before your baby is born, and one of the most important choices is to decide how you will plan feed your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for about the first 6 months. However, breastfeeding isn't always possible or the most preferable for all mothers. It’s important to remember that your baby's nutritional and emotional needs will be met whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed. Below we will list information, as well as advantages and disadvantages to help new moms make a more informed decision.


Common Advantages:

  • provides all the nutrients your baby needs in the first six months of life

  • satisfies hunger and thirst, so no extra water is needed

  • protects your baby against infections and diseases

  • reduces the risk of allergy in your baby

  • is always fresh, clean and safe, and at the right temperature.

Advantages for moms:

  • free, and always available whenever you need to feed your baby

  • reduces your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis

  • burn up 500 calories per day, thus helping to shed those gained baby weight pounds

  • helps your uterus return to normal after childbirth

  • prolongs the amount of time before you get your period again

  • helps to build a loving bond between you and your baby


  • requires a big time and emotional commitment from a mother

  • breast milk is easily digested, however those babies tend to eat more often than babies who are fed formula, thus requiring mommy to be present more often

  • some women may feel embarrassed or worried about breastfeeding

  • a mother's health may affect her ability to breastfeed


Formula Feeding-

Common Advantages:

  • formula bottle feeding can offer more freedom and flexibility for moms

  • provides an option in cases where a mother cannot breastfeed

  • provides an opportunity for other members of the family to get involved in feeding and holding your baby

  • it can give you a chance to rest

  • Moms can have greater flexibility to return to work.


  • formula does not have all of the same health benefits for you and your baby as breast milk

  • it can be way more expensive

  • mixing the formula is time consuming

  • if it’s not mixed correctly it can cause constipation or other illness in your baby.


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