Music has the potential to soothe, distract and entertain babies. Here are some tips for exploring music for your baby.


  1. Playing music for babies has been linked to early literacy development.
  2. Music has the potential to calm and soothe an agitated baby.
  3. Premature babies who listen to music have exhibited proven health benefits.
  4. The earlier you introduce music to your baby, the better.
  5. Enroll your baby in an age-appropriate music class. There are many options to choose from.
  6. Babies, together with parents or caregivers, may even take a music class online.
  7. Play music for your baby while driving in the car. A fussy baby in the back seat will likely quiet down when her favorite song is played.
  8. Many babies enjoy the Baby Einstein music products.
  9. Raffi is another popular musical artist for babies and young children.
  10. If you don’t have music created specifically for babies, try playing whatever you prefer (not too loudly), there is a good chance your baby will like it too.
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