Babies require a lot of equipment. Here are some tips to help determine what type of baby equipment you will need.


  1. If you drive, choosing an appropriate car seat is an essential part of your baby’s equipment.
  2. Another important piece of baby equipment is a high chair for feeding.
  3. Some parents will want to add a bassinet to their baby’s equipment inventory.
  4. Selecting a crib for a growing baby to sleep in is essential.
  5. Although it is a fairly large piece of equipment, babies can safely play or sleep in a “playpen” or “portable crib.”
  6. To hear baby from another room, many parents invest in equipment known as a “baby monitor.”
  7. To soothe an agitated baby or for the convenience of walking “hands free,” many caregivers add a baby sling or carrier to their equipment list.
  8. Your baby equipment will not be complete without a stroller that suits your baby’s size.
  9. Many parents add a changing table to their baby equipment list.
  10. A “bouncy seat” is an alternative piece of equipment in which babies may play or feed.