• Reframe Your Thinking with Positive Quotes

      Positive thinking has numerous benefits, ranging from increased life span to mental wellbeing. Positive thinking has even been linked with greater resistance to the common cold. All in all, you can greatly improve your quality of life and boost your motivation by thinking more positively. […]

  • Need Candy Alternatives for Halloween? Here are 20 Non-Candy...

    Well hello, October! Halloween month is here, which means Halloween candy is everywhere! What’s a parent to do if they want healthy Halloween treats to hand out or maybe even want to pass out non candy treats for Halloween? Well, here are some great candy alternatives for Halloween […]

  • How To Be a Happy Woman, Not Just a Mother, and Wife

    Marriage and motherhood are wonderful, but they are definitely hard work. Even a happy woman may feel that she is losing her identity or sense of self. These 5 psychological tips will help you find your inner peace.   Motherhood and marriage can be immensely satisfying, and it’s easy to get […]

  • 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on your List

    The leaves are maybe turning, the weather is maybe cooling. It’s time for the annual Holiday Gift Guide! It’s time to start shopping for the holidays if you haven’t already! Here I’m highlighting fun new gift ideas to wrap up for your loved ones! Get your lists ready and don’t fret – we […]

  • Nat Geo Kids Books Fall Prize Pack Giveaway

    Super excited to share this giveaway with you today. You know I love books and I love to share that love of books with my child. Here’s a great gift for your child! Enter this for a perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays, and more. Enjoy! Welcome To The Nat Geo Kids Books Fall Prize The post […]

  • Tips for Managing Expectations as a Working Mom in an Overwhelming...

    Working motherhood is not easy. It’s not even on the same continent as easy. And so many of us struggle with mom guilt and have internal battles with ourselves over what we perceive we should be doing at all times. But ladies, we are our own worst enemy sometimes and the pressure we put on The […]

  • 10 Fantastic Physical Activities for Kids

      Kids don’t have to lift weights or crazy HIIT workouts to stay fit, lucky them! All they have to do is keep moving for at least an hour every day. Lack of adequate physical activity paired with a poor diet is one of the primary causes of childhood obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular […]

  • Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Randomly.Shop

    I am enjoying interviewing professionals and mom bosses about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with Randomly.Shop. Tell us about yourself and Randomly Shop. I’m Luke Palder and I’m the founder of Randomly.Shop. We aggregate the best, coolest, most […]

  • Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

    Ah coffee, the best part of the morning routine, am I right? Here is your fabulous list of gift ideas for coffee lovers! Coffee-Themed Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers Coffee Machine Gift Ideas First, it is important that the coffee lover have a great Coffee Maker! We’re k-cup users in this house. […]

  • Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Singer-Songwriter Chrissi Poland

    I am enjoying interviewing professionals and mom bosses about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with New York City-based singer-songwriter and drummer Chrissi Poland. Aloha and welcome! Tell us about yourself and your interests. Aloha! And Mahalo! I’m […]

  • Top 7 Educational Games for Your Child at Home

    Inside: Ideas for educational games for preschoolers and educational games for elementary kids. These are brain development activities for kids that also boost personality, character, and language development. Aside from being fun, educational games are serious business because they are beneficial […]

  • Halloween Pasta Monsters with Pesto

    If you’re looking for Halloween pasta recipes, here’s one you might like! This is a spin-off on a monster spaghetti recipe since I’m not using spaghetti but a different type of pasta. You can turn pasta into so many fun Halloween pasta shapes! Hope you enjoy this Pesto Monster Pasta dish! You […]

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