• Tips for Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

    Losing a loved one is difficult at any time of year, but during the holidays, their presence is noticed and missed the most. The season is already full, hectic, and the holidays can get stressful. Coping with grief is a heavy burden to add on top of that. Here are some tips from fellow moms The […]

  • Side-Hustle Series: Interview with My Effing Coffee

    I am enjoying interviewing professionals and mom bosses about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with Cat of Effing Mom powered by My Effing Coffee.   Tell us about yourself and My Effing Coffee. My name is Cat and I am a 30-something mom of two young The […]

  • 3 rules of motherhood you absolutely need to break

    Becoming a first-time mother often brings feelings of excitement, overwhelm, anticipation, worry, and the desire to be that perfect mom you always hear about. Often being bombarded by advice, do’s and don’ts, and information from every angle, you can easily feel confused to know what opinions […]

  • 8 simple ways to stay healthy during times of uncertainty and stress

    These times of uncertainty and stress have tested us in ways that are unprecedented.  It’s so easy to get caught up in all the negativity that’s been going on lately that our systems can become overwhelmed and burned out.  On top of that, your kids can pick up on it too.  That’s why it’s […]

  • Side-Hustle Series: Interview with creators of Paired app

    I am enjoying interviewing professionals about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with the creators of the Paired app. Tell us about yourselves and the Paired app. We are J.C. Diaz and Andres Rovira, co-creators of the free kids AR short-story app. Although we […]

  • 10 Rules for Happy Motherhood

    With all its glory, motherhood still has its fair share of challenges. It’s easy to lose your temper, given the nature of the role, which can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s not a walk in the park raising kids, keeping your sanity in check, looking great, feeling great, and really just having […]

  • Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Disguise the Surprise

    I am enjoying interviewing professionals and mom bosses about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with Duffy of Disguise the Surprise.   Tell us about yourself and your new product Disguise The Surprise. I am a mom of two boys (12 & 15) and have been […]

  • How to help your baby walk Independently

    Wait a minute, did your little guy just manage to stand holding the chair? He might have tumbled on his diaper after two seconds but that act of courage did ring a bell. Your baby is outgrowing the fences you created. Sooner or later your tiny toddler will start stumbling on his feet and taking […]

  • Ideas for your Winter Bucket List

    Ah winter, the season of cold (well, depends on where you live), lots of holidays, and family time. There’s so much celebrating, some of us are avoiding stressful large family gatherings (right? especially this year), and opting for a more cozy home time that’s relaxed. Technically winter […]

  • Is Your New Home Ready for Your New Baby?

        You and your spouse are expecting a baby and you just purchased a new home, one big enough for a growing family. Furnishing a new house is exciting, but keep in mind that you are entering new territory. Having a baby is a life-changing event, and making sure your new home is ready The post […]

  • 5 Ideas to Keep Children Entertained During Holiday Breaks

        Holiday periods can sometimes be a challenge when you’re trying to find ways to keep kids entertained. This is especially true when trying to limit screen time from smartphones and tablets. Thankfully, there is a range of activities that will keep kids happy and offer opportunities for […]

  • 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on your List

    It’s time for the annual Holiday Gift Guide! It’s time to start shopping for the holidays if you haven’t already! Here I’m highlighting fun new gift ideas to wrap up for your loved ones! Get your lists ready and don’t fret – we got you covered for everyone!  Please note that I may be […]

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