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Parenting Tips

Ten Tips for Baby’s Eating Habits

Every baby is unique in so many ways. While eating habits will vary from baby to baby, here are some tips to consider when establishing your baby’s eating habits:

  1. Eat healthy while you are pregnant. There is research to suggest that your baby’s eating habits may begin during pregnancy.
  2. If you are able and inclined to, consider breastfeeding your baby. Many organizations cite breastfeeding as the best source of nutrition for babies and a terrific way to create healthy eating habits.
  3. For babies that eat solid foods, offer a wide variety of healthy choices. The more choices the better!
  4. Be a good example. Many babies imitate their parents’ or caregiver’s eating habits. Try to incorporate healthy foods into your diet as well.
  5. Try to maintain a consistent mealtime routine. Your baby’s eating habits will benefit from regular healthy meals.
  6. Avoid too many in between meal snacks, especially unhealthy ones. Too much snacking can interfere with your baby’s eating habits.
  7. Try to avoid fast food for as long as possible. A baby should not get into the habit of eating fast food. There will be plenty of time for that later.
  8. Limit sweet drinks or avoid them altogether. A baby who gets into the habit of having sugary drinks may refuse healthier choices, such as milk and water.
  9. Offer your baby a balance of foods. Good eating habits include portions of protein, dairy, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.
  10. Try not to compare one baby’s eating habits to another. Each baby’s eating habits will vary. Respect your baby’s healthy food choices as well as the amount she wants to eat.
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